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The Shrine
She was known as The Forgotten. Hers was a small shrine, little visited by most. A small contingent of Buddhist monks and Shinto priests maintained the pagoda that housed her statue. It stood nearly two and a half meters, carved from stone with a slight pink tint, depicting a young girl wearing a long, flowing kimono. She carried a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other. Her expression was soft and compassionate, staring out sightlessly over Mitakihara Town ... or rather she had until the pagoda had been constructed around the statue, to offer some protection from the elements. Both statue and pagoda were of uncertain age. The statue had overlooked Mitakihara, in its various forms and sizes, since at least the middle part of the 1600s, the pagoda constructed perhaps later in that century.
Little was known about her. It was said by some that she had been a samurai in the Sengoku period, who had ascended to heaven after sacrificing her life for a dear friend on the field of battle. Th
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RAIN ch.24 - Of Cons and Kisses by JocelynSamara RAIN ch.24 - Of Cons and Kisses :iconjocelynsamara:JocelynSamara 72 58


This looks fun!

List Video game (or anime) characters! (like my tag-er, :icontaurus3rockergirl: , said, Avatar is an anime for our purposes here)
Answer the questions!
Tag 3 people!

1) Ozai
2) Inner Moka (Rosario+Vampire)
3) Kaname (Vampire Knight)
4) Amu (Shugo Chara)
5) Rue (Princess TuTu)
6) Yuuko san (xXxholic)
7) Zakuro (Tokyo Mew Mew)
8) Suigintou (Rozen Maiden)
9) Ikuto (Shugo Chara)
10)Sebastien (Kuroshitsuji)

Wow, I know a lot more anime than I though. o.O *happy* ^-^

#1. What if you got to keep 1 and 8?
That'd be amazing! Both my gothic lolita and Fire Nation selves would be very happy indeed.

#2. What Do You Think Of 5?
Rue is everything a dark, melancholic princess should be.

#3. What would happen if 3 was doing drugs and 9 caught them
Somehow I can't picture Kaname doing drugs, but Ikuto would probably leave him alone. Seeing as how Kaname's a scary-awesome vampire prince and all.

#4. Who do you like more 7 or 10?
Very hard choice. Zakuro and Sebastien are my favorite characters in their respective shows. They're both just

#5. 2 shot 6! What would you do?
Moka might finally be a bit out of her league if she went up against Yuuko!

#6. What do you think of 8?
Suigintou is so darkly beautiful and mysterious. As a goth loli I admire that.

#7. Someone threw a pie at 1! What would you do?
You do NOT want to see me go into protective Ozai fangirl mode... *bares fangs*

#8. 4 just raped 6 and 1 saw it all! What would happen?
Skipping this question. o.O

#9. Who would you kill 4 or 7?
Actually I picked these characters because they're my favorites, so no. ;)

#10. Any final words?
Not really. It was fun though. Thanks to :icontaurus3rockergirl: for tagging me!
I tag
if you haven't done it already.


Elsewhere known as DuskRose_Dreaming
United States
I'm majoring in Japanese, and hope to interpret and translate as my 'day job,' hopefully for people involved in the Arts (music, fashion, anime/manga). I especially think it would be amazing to help fans communicate with the people they admire--I know what that language barrier feels like.
Besides that, I plan to sew and sell gothic and lolita clothing, record my songs, and work on my books-in-progress (the characters therein are featured in much of my gallery, if you're interested).
And of course, I'll aim to keep improving my art as well. I've discovered I love digitally coloring my lineart, so expect to see some of that uploaded soon!
Also: fanfiction. A beloved nerdy part of my life it shall always stay. w00t for Urzai! <3


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